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Harvesting begins in October on our farm, this process is fully mechanised and carried out with the help of a shaker and picker. The nuts then go on a fully automatic washing and drying line. From then we’ll move them to a workshop where they go through an automatic calibration line that allows us to sort the nuts accurately by size through a special device that removes all the defective nuts, so you only get the highest quality walnuts.

Types de noix

We grow 2 types of Walnuts, the “Lara” and “Fernor”. Both varieties are of excellent quality but have slight differences. The ‘Lara’ variety is more ball-shaped, while ‘Fernor’ is egg-shaped, Lara is earlier in ripening and more suitable for “fresh” eating.


LLC VOLNAT has a certificate ISSO 22000:2005, as well as annual certificates confirming the quality of nuts.

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Our walnuts boast an unrivaled quality, with an unparalleled farming process that makes every nibble an experience of its own. When evaluating our walnuts, you will notice that we take premium to whole new level.


Our walnuts have a high content of fat, protein, and tannins, which enhances their taste quality.

Colouring of the skin of the kernel

Our walnuts have a light color of the skin kernel. The lighter it is, the higher the quality.

Nut size

The fruits of our walnut varieties “Lara” and “Fernor” are quite large, their size ranging from 28 to 42+ mm in diameter.

Ease of kernel extraction from the nut

In large nuts the kernel is extracted more easily. When splitting nuts of varieties “Lara” and “Fernor” we get two whole halves of the kernel.

Percentage of kernel content in the nut

High quality walnuts have a good kernel content of 46-50%. The “Lara” variety has up to 51% and the “Fernor” variety has up to 47%.

Thickness of the shell

It is important that the shells are not too brittle and are not crushed during transportation, our walnuts have a shell thickness of up to 1.3 mm and sufficient strength.

Color of the nutshell

Our nuts are a light sandy color, this is how you know they are of excellent quality.

Our nuts are perfect for retail, supermarkets, chocolate manufacturers, restaurants & hotel chains that can order in large quantities. They are exceptional for consumption and serve as a crucial ingredient in your favorite pastry.

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Exportation et


We predominately transport and export our nuts to Europe, but we are more than capable to deliver anywhere in the world. If you’re looking to order your walnuts in bulk get in touch.

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