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Looking for the finest wholesale walnuts to enrich your business? Look no further than VOLNAT!

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Our premium walnuts are hand-grown and picked to ensure quality and freshness. Only the best produce is collected for distribution. Our French walnuts are sold in bulk for the following industries:

• Wholesale
• Restaurant & Hotel chains
• Retailers
• Confectioners

Wherever and whatever our walnuts are used for, you can trust that they will infuse excellence into your finished product. Your journey to culinary excellence for your business starts here.

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Bulk Walnut Supply

for Your Business Needs

VOLNAT premium walnuts are the perfect choice to refine your product offerings.

Quality walnut varieties

  • Our premium French walnuts are grown in fertile soil in the most ideal climate, and our quality nuts come in two types - Lara and Fernor varieties. Both are known for their substantial size and excellent quality.

  • These larger nuts simplify the extraction process and are naturally enriched with a high content of fat, protein, and tannins, which enhances their taste quality.

Convenient, worry-free export and delivery

  • VOLNAT transports and delivers walnuts throughout Europe. Whether you are located in bustling urban centres or the remote countryside, your location should never limit your access to the best.

  • By partnering with us, businesses everywhere can rest assured that their supply of premium walnuts will arrive on time, every time, enabling them to offer a seamless experience to their own customers.

A simplified ordering process

  • The ordering process is all determined by the specifications and quantities that your business needs. We have a minimum order requirement and cater in bulk, enabling you to cater to and exceed the demand in your market, all year round. To receive an accurate and timely quote, fill in the form.

  • Our nuts are harvested with the use of modern technology and packaged for orders in their shells to preserve their freshness and quality. Harvesting begins in October, with each tree boasting around 30kgs annually ensuring that we can keep up with high demands of stock all year round.

Quality-assured sustainable walnuts

  • By choosing VOLNAT, you also contribute to a greener, and more sustainable future, marked by our eco-friendly farming practices.

  • To ensure our standards are upheld, we have annual certificates confirming the quality of our walnuts so you can rest assured.

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