VOL-NAT LLC was founded in 2012 and specializes in the cultivation of walnuts. The company is a member of the Ukrainian Walnut Association and owns 91 hectares of walnut orchard, concentrating on Lara and Fernor varieties, because these varieties are known for their top quality, extra light color and fabulous taste. The company uses modern technology to grow the highest quality nuts to satisfy the needs of customers around the world. We are selling in-shell walnuts and most of the volume is exported to EU countries, that appreciate high quality of product.
Our goal is to produce walnuts of the highest quality and to represent our country as a producer of top quality product on world markets. Our product is grown in ecological friendly environment and grown by a responsible producer (production is certified by ISSO 22000: 2018). Many of the nuts available in retail outlets almost always come from different growers and sources, and such product was stored under the different storage conditions. Such good tends to vary greatly in quality. However, if you are interested in high quality product and want to know where your food comes from, you will appreciate VOL-NAT LLC .
About us
The company planted the orchard on its own land, which is located in Izmail district, Odessa region. The area of the orchard is 91 hectares and the planting of the garden was done in 3 stages:
- 2013 18 hectares
- 2014 20 hectares
- 2015 53 hectares

The concept model of the orchard and the supply of seedlings were made by the company "Linard France" (France).

The orchard was planted by modern intensive technology with using trees of French varieties "Lara" and "Fernor". Currently, 17,743 trees are fruitful (3,596 varieties of "Lara" and 14,147 varieties of "Fernor")

The whole area of the orchard is under drip irrigation, design and supply of the equipment was implemented by "Metzerplas" (Israel). Irrigation control and fertilizer application in the garden is fully automated.
In 2017, the company "BSI" (France) designed and supplied equipment for washing and drying of nuts. This complex was launched in 2018 by joint efforts of Ukrainian and French engineers. The washing capacity is 3 tons/hour, and up to 40 tons of nuts in the shell can be dried at the same time.
Our product is fully ready for export.

In 2020, we received harvest of 120 tons (in terms of dried in-shell nuts):
- 22 tons - "Lara" variety
- 98 tons – "Fernor" variety

In 2021 we will purchase equipment for mechanized harvesting of walnuts - shaker, production "BSI" (France) and harvester, production "Monchiero" (Italy). In addition, we will launch a calibration line that will calibrate nuts for 7 fractions production "BSI" (France).
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Location scheme
Address (legal address)
Ukraine, 68600, Odessa region, Izmail, prospect Mira, building, №1, premises №34, room №6
Location of production facilities
Odessa region, Novoozerne village
Guk Vladimir (English-speaking clients)
+38 096 835 8911
Guk Andrey (Ukraine and CIS clients)
+38 067 486 8899
Rita Lysenko (European office)
+41 79 349 7648